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This project involves the demolition of an existing house and the erection of two large family houses overlooking the South Wales coast.


The original 1920s house has been derelict for a number of years and it sits with a large garden that over the years had been subdivided into building plots. The remaining garden is to split into two sites with commanding views over the coast.


Our approach has been to sensitively place the houses so that surrounding houses maintain their sea views and a building line maintained. The linear nature of the buildings with the rear access into the sites has enabled the south and west elevation to be facing the views. The internal design philosophy has been to ‘flip’ the traditional arrangements of living areas on the ground floor and bedrooms above, to all the living, dining, kitchen and master bedroom on the first floor and bedrooms with guest wing on the ground floor. The south elevation on the first floor has been fully glazed with large terraces enabling unobstructed views. Solar gain and been controlled with large overhangs and sliding metal screens. The pitched roof design element has created a dramatic interior which is subdivided with screens for the various functions and to create more intimate spaces. 


The entrance to the site is off a small lane via an enclosed courtyard and then either into a garage or  the large double height entrance hall. The garage has direct access to the internal lift and the entrance hall has a large steel stairs to the first floor living. Off the hall there are guest bedrooms, gym, utility room, and offices and link to the terrace lap pool. 


In the redevelopment of this project has references to the old house such as the materials, features like the large chimneys and a simple form have been incorporated into the design approach. The design of the landscaping has also been used to create vistas and visual barriers to enable a more private garden as south of the site is a public park. 

Location: South Wales

Images: Buzzbox3d

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