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The images show various structural solutions for  Istanbul and Riyadh airports. 


All the designs must have large spans so that they allow the plans below to be column free as much as possible and create a simple impressive volumes. However the designs must take into consideration seismic movements, huge rain water loads, structural limitations, solar control, daylighting and general lighting, aesthetics, acoustics, maintenance and passenger flow. All these limitations play a huge part in the design of the structure and often it is difficult to prioritise their importance. The overall design must however create a space where the passengers feel relaxed and calm as flying for many is stressful. This design process leads to designing large simple spans that must flow to create and overall aesthetic  which feels uplifting. 


The various design approaches show that there are many different solutions to the same set of problems which range from single curved, double curved, flat and grid structures. All incorporating openings for daylighting and almost column free interiors.

Location: Various

In collaboration with GMWM

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